Casey D. Grigg, CFA
Callidus Capital Partners LLC
Callidus Capital Partners is an independent, fee-only financial services firm that specializes in providing sophisticated financial advice and management to high net worth individuals and families. We recognize that each client is unique and requires a customized plan based on their specific situation and goals. Our philosophies are based on time-tested academic research. Our core principles are: (1) Think long-term. (2) Be tax-efficient. (3) Keep costs to a minimum. (4) Provide great customer service. We take the time to review and analyze your current portfolio including asset allocation, historical performance, expected future performance, yield, risk, and fees. We then will build a customized portfolio designed to suit your unique needs by selecting individual stocks and low-cost, tax efficient ETFs that will include the asset classes needed to achieve your optimal risk-return profile. We will proactively manage your financial profile to reduce unnecessary risk.

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